Buying and Selling a Business or Franchise

A recent national survey confirmed what business brokers have noted for years: making money is not the primary reason buyers are interested in owning their own business.

When asked to rank 12 factors in order of importance, the majority of buyers did not place potential earnings in the first half of the list. Freedom, flexibility and control of one's destiny are the main reasons buyers are attracted to independent businesses. Interaction with customers and clients also was consistently ranked higher in importance than personal income.

Keeping these motivating factors in mind during the business transfer process helps buyers and sellers. Qualified buyers generally possess the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to take risks and make decisions. As business brokers, we facilitate this process by interviewing prospective buyers to learn more about their educational and occupational backgrounds and why they are looking to acquire a company. Understanding a buyer's motivation helps a good business broker suggest listings that may be of interest to the buyer and provide a good fit with the buyer's needs.