Buy A Franchise – Convenient Hair Care for the Entire Family

As a walk-in, no-appointment hair cut salon, we are the largest salon franchise in the world. We have perfected a system for delivering value-priced hair cuts to the entire family in a convenient environment. Being positioned in the $55 billion dollar market for the past 28 years, we currently have over 2,800 franchisees.

This opportunity allows you to keep your job and hire a manager to run your salons. Our segment of the hair cutting industry is very recession resistant, very predictable, a simple business plan, technology resistant and a cash business with no sales required!

An ideal candidate for ownership has strong management skills, business management experience, is profit-oriented and needs no hair care experience! The desire to own multiple units is ideal. To give you an idea of our current franchisee ownership, 70% have a white collar executive background, 15% as a diversified business owner and 15% are semi-retired. Our average franchisee owns 5-6 salons after 5 years of operation. It is important for our owners to be skilled at recruiting and motivating staff, somewhat analytical, can follow a system and understand the basics of business.

We can provide you with a very strong Item 19 from our FDD, which outlines average salon revenues, operating cash flow and top 20% of salons earnings. All of our units are 100% franchisee owned with a very high success rate.

Again, this is an opportunity that you can keep your job and build a simple, very profitable #1 branded business. Selecting a franchise is a big step. If you are someone who is transitioning out of Corporate America and has an exit strategy for the future, but wants to keep your professional career, we feel confident of our management opportunity and encourage you to go here to find out if this Beauty/Personal Care, Hair Salon franchise could be a good fit for you!

Buy A Franchise – Residential Cleaning Service

As a maid service franchise owner, you don't lift a broom – you hire people to do the cleaning for your customers. You'll have the satisfaction of growing, managing and motivating a team of employees, but best of all you'll be in a great business for yourself.

Here are some top features of our opportunity:

  • Lifestyle business: M-F, 8-5
  • Cash business, no receivables or bad debt
  • Recurring and predictable revenue (97% retention rate of customers year after year)
  • No inventory
  • By the end of year 2, a manager can be promoted or hired and run 90% of the business
  • Strong Item 19 earning claim!


Our initial investment is very affordable as we believe it's important that our new owners get off to the best start possible, saving hard-earned capital to launch the business, retaining more profits to grow their new business. We believe in selling the right size territory to each new franchise owner, using sophisticated demographic data and mapping so a territory can satisfy growth projections.

Our system provides its owners incredible freedom, with weekends off and the opportunity to build an extremely profitable business, all with the credibility of the most recognizable name in residential house cleaning. We have over 25 years of brand equity and millions of satisfied customers. Over the last decade, residential housecleaning has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Over 12 million households use paid domestic services.

Our business generates repeat, cash paying customers. There is low inventory with a quick start-up timeframe and our customers find our franchisees. No strong selling required! With multiple revenue streams, it's easy to get excited out the advantages of our business model.

If you have a can-do problem-solving attitude, good management, and leadership background and are ambitious to succeed, lead and belong to a winning team…go here to find our more about ownership of a Cleaning; Maid Service business.

Buy A Franchise – Sport Nutrition Centers

American's invest $16 billion dollars in sports nutrition & weight loss supplements a year and is growing 6 to 7% annually. Needless to say, health and fitness is now a huge industry and shows every sign of continued growth. A notable segment of the American public now understands the value of staying healthy and living longer and more productively. We stand ready to help Americans achieve their goal!

Who constitutes our customer base? 90% are mostly normal everyday people who desire to get into shape. Women now constitute 42% of that base. The smaller 10% are people looking to build more muscle and do it well. High school athletes needing to increase more muscle and endurance athletes of all ages come to us, looking to increase lean muscle mass and lose the fat. Our products are highly nutritious, easily digestible, easy to take, flavorful and pack the needed punch!

This franchise opportunity is devoted exclusively to that market, through single unit, multi-unit or regional territories. Our franchisees offer clients information, motivation, guidance, knowledge and supplemental products. While this is a retail store operation, our hours are typically 10am to 6pm, low number of employees, wide margins, an upbeat, forward-thinking clientele and a chance to help people improve their own health and fitness. Our stores are low overhead and low maintenance with no food preparation!

Franchisees can own and operate one or more stores and owners can hire managers to create more passive involvement. Larger, regional territories are available for qualified candidates.

Our ideal candidate would be someone with a strong desire and willingness to build a successful retail business and a strong belief in health, fitness and nutrition. Strong people skills are helpful as a willingness to market, network and promote business in the community is key.

Buy A Fitness Franchise Open 24 Hours A Day

Today more than ever, people know it's important to be fit. Their challenge is squeezing exercise into busy lives.

This franchise opportunity provides the solution, bringing fast, convenient and affordable workouts into their neighborhoods – minutes from their doorstep – with your own compact, 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center.

Fitness is in. The percentage of people belonging to health clubs has doubled over the past 20 years. More growth is expected, fueled by an aging Baby Boomer generation in search of eternal youth and the reality that regular exercise can prevent or control diseases that are driving health care cost relentlessly upward.

Economically, the industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990's. The health club industry's fastest-growing segment is the so-called 24-hour express fitness segment – and we are the segment's growth rate leader.

Our concept enables you to offer the same quality equipment and workout experience offered in traditional 'big box' health clubs – but without the crowded parking lots, long waiting lines and inflated monthly dues. Our member-friendly policies lead the industry – we do not require contracts: members pay month-to-month and may freeze their memberships when not using them.

Role of Franchisee:
This business model is developed and designed for the 'hands-off' franchisee. (10-15 hours). 75% of all owners continue jobs or careers they were in before ownership. Most franchisees start with 3 or 6 club developments, with stores run by one full-time manager. Our franchisees are attracted to the freedom and flexibility that the manager run business provides with few employees.

Please go here to find out more information on the purchase of this Fitness, Fitness Gym opportunity!

Buy A Franchise – Quick Oil Change

This franchise is your entrance into a rock-solid industry that has exploding consumer demand. Its services provide customers with a complete, convenient, preventative fluid maintenance program for their motor vehicles. Their range of services have increased and changed over time as they have adapted not only to the changes in today's cars and trucks, but also to their customers changing needs and desires.

Every car owner needs their oil changed and with more demands on Americans' time, the increase in population growth and stringent government regulations on used oil disposal, the demand for do-it-for-me quick oil changes has increased significantly. Each home has between 1 to 4 or more drivers with vehicles and each of these cars needs its oil changed an average of 3.7 times a year.

You don't need to be an automobile mechanic to own and operate an oil change franchise. And…you don't need to change your customers' oil either. Your success will be in properly managing your business and you are taught everything you need to know in order to run a successful location or locations. This is the beauty of a franchise…we teach you how to grow your business and to recruit, train, motivate and manage your employees. The initial investment is small and just may be the perfect business for you. Consumer demand is high. We have a non-perishable inventory and everyone needs automotive maintenance. We have developed a proven system, producing successful quick oil change franchises for over 25 years!

All products are purchased directly from suppliers with no added cost. We negotiate prices and pass them directly to franchisees to reduce cost of goods and our labor costs are the lowest in the industry.

Our business succeeds because an owner can train and motivate young technicians and can demonstrate excellent customers services skills day in and day out. A recent survey shows that 'customer service skills' is by far the number one attribute of a great store. Normal business skills combined with a passion for excellence is necessary for success.

If this opportunity intrigues you and you feel your skill set matches this great opportunity, go here to check us out as an Automotive, Auto Quick Lube franchise!

Buy A Franchise – Factoring and Accounts Receivable Funding

A franchise-factoring company provides funding to small and medium-sized clients. Factoring is the funding of B2B accounts receivables. It's a finance business similar to banking where clients are provided with cash, based on creditworthy receivables verified with the clients' customers.

If your clients are selling products or services to their customers and offering terms of 30 days, or even longer, as a factoring franchisee you can provide immediate financing and ease the capital crunch.

Theses are some of the financing solutions provided to clients as per Franchisor:

1. Accounts Receivable Financing
Typically referred at as "factoring", AR Financing is neither equity nor debt, yet strengthens a balance sheet – and control of the business always stays with the owner. It is a trusted and effective method of both financing short-term cash-flow and outsourcing the administration of credit and the task of arduous collections.

Factoring is a time-honored financing solution that offers many advantages while allowing business owners to focus on operating and building their client base. As opposed to banks, for instance, flexible underwriting is offered. We don't require the lengthy process, personal credit score, business history and restrictive covenants necessary for traditional debt.

We support start-ups and high growth businesses, as well as businesses recovering from financial difficulties. Our ability to fund and service your business can keep up with the demands of growth without having to re-qualify you for a larger loan and charge any subsequent fees.
Your balance sheet remains strong, most importantly. Because we actually purchase the invoice from you and do not take an equity position, you incur no debt and keep control of your own business.

Additionally, we provide a thorough credit analysis on all potential and existing customers so that you can make an informed decision on extending credit, thereby minimizing the risk of bad debt.

2. Purchase Order Financing
Purchase Order Financing is the perfect solution for short-term funding requirements. It can be used to finance the purchase or the manufacturing of specific goods that have already been sold. We enable this process by issuing letters of credit or providing funds that allow our clients to secure the inventory they need to fill their open sales orders.

Through purchase order financing, we also support both domestic and international transactions, and clients enjoy the working capital needed to grow sales and take advantage of profitable opportunities that are larger than they can otherwise support. We are not a bank and are not bound by the restrictions necessary for traditional lending products. Our focus is the underlying transaction and its economic and commercial viability.

Purchase Order Financing is used by manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters. It can be used for payments to third-party suppliers for goods, issuing Letters of Credit, and for making payments for direct labor, raw materials and other directly related expenses.

Our clients consider Purchase Order Financing if they lack either sufficient capital or international expertise to complete their transaction. With respect to the latter, they might prefer to reduce foreign risk and in some cases protect the identity of their manufacturer from the end customer. In all cases, however, they appreciate the speed of funding, preservation of equity and increased profits at the end of the day.

3. International Factoring
This form of financing gives business owners the ability to offer open credit terms to foreign buyers who they would normally not be able or feel comfortable selling to without a traditional deposit. Because we fund the invoice upfront and take on the risk, business owners can now increase their foreign sales freely while improving their cash flow.

Foreign receivables are usually underserved assets. Domestic banks or lenders typically consider foreign receivables to be ineligible and do not feel comfortable providing capital availability against these foreign receivables. We lend against foreign receivables, giving the business owner more capital to grow the business and pay expenses.

As business owners and operators, we understand selling to international customers is a huge opportunity, but difficult to manage financially. There are certainly common issues to deal with and we offer you support in this regard.

As the Franchisor, we provide most of the back-office services required, check customer's credit, do all the collections and will fund our Principals up to six times their committed capital!

This is a home-based opportunity with no employees, no inventory, ideal for a professional looking to replace six-figure income. If you are an experienced business executive or professional person looking for a successful career where your past business accruement and networking skills can be used to build a high-income business go here and look in the Financial Related, Factoring Company category.