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John Horgan  -  Business Intermediary
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4767 New Broad Street
Orlando Florida 32814
Phone: (407) 781-4596
Cell: (615) 812-2450


John was born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota where he attended The University of Minnesota. He majored in business and accounting.

Prior to joining Murphy Business Brokers, he spent 32 years in management in the service industry running an organization of 30 managers and 1000 employees. He has designed, written and implemented sales and management programs with outstanding results. His management experience includes several awards for sales and customer service which span the length of his career.

John has spent the last 8 years in a consultant role concentrating in the restoration industry. He has created several seminars and workshops that are specifically designed to assist an owner of a restoration business increase his bottom line and if needed prepare the organization for resale. With strong skills in financial management, sales and personnel management, He has assisted several small business owners move their organizations forward.

Assisting restoration owners navigate the turbulent waters of selling their livelihood is an exciting prospect. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally on the essentials of buying, selling, valuating or preparing a business for sale. You may contact me at anytime. 

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