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Gerald Gore  -  Business Intermediary
Contact Information
136 B Market Place Circle, #182
Calera Alabama 35040
Phone: (205) 690-7333
Cell: (205) 542-7286


Gerald began his entrepreneurial experience in 2003 by starting and growing a business from the ground up. He grew this landscape business to over 100 weekly, biweekly, and monthly clients. Eleven years later he then sold the business to a competitor.

“I understand the trust & weight of responsibility that my clients place into my hands when asking me to sell their company. More often than not this company has been their baby for many years. They have watched it grow and poured into it their own ‘blood, sweat and tears’ -- in good times and bad. Very likely they have spent more time there than with their own family -- which is just a reality of life. For some, this will be the largest, most important decision they will ever make in their life. I take that very seriously. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help them with the many tricks, dangers, & issues of selling a business and getting them to the closing table and receiving their money due.”

Some of Mr. Gore’s credentials include successfully owning and operating a business for over a decade. Military Service with a honorable discharge under honorable conditions. College graduate with honors.

Personally, he is husband to a beautiful wife, active in church/Christian, an outdoorsman, and enjoys lifting weights.

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