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  • Listing# : F000100
  • Liquid Capital : $100,000
  • Type of Business : Home ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :

Healthcare/Medical; Medical Related Biz

About Us :

An in home medical and non medical private care agency with a separate temporary / supplemental healthcare staffing vertical. We work with all age segments, not just seniors and are positioned as the premier in home care provider with the mission that we can say “YES” to every client/patient.

Key Business Features :

o Multiple revenue streams working as a seamless whole.
o Recurring revenue – average length of service for clients is 37 weeks
o Scalable business and uncapped revenue potential.
o Low cost of investment ($95k to $168k) compared to QSR & retail franchises with similar investment range — 2012 AUV’s $1,180,568 open 1 year or more (Item 19, Table A).
o Offering the “Full Continuum of Care,” including companion, personal, and skilled medical care.
o Staffing – Temporary and permanent placement that builds additional cash flow into the mix of business, assists with building better referral sources, and the recruiting of top CNA and RN professionals.
o National Accounts – over 60 and growing. Creates immediate revenue opportunities.

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