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LINE-X Protective Coatings

  • Listing# : F000012
  • Liquid Capital : $25,000
  • Type of Business : Protective ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :

Business Services; Consulting Business; Financial Related; Sales & Marketing

About Us :

• ERA provides cost management expertise to businesses.
• Helps client organizations reduce on-going business expenses, including indirect expenses such as those for printing, freight, equipment maintenance, courier service, telecommunications, janitorial service and office supplies.
• ERA has reviewed over 100 cost categories worldwide. Typical customers have revenue between $5M - $250M.

Key Business Features :

• ERA’s process generally produces savings in most client engagements. The average savings, depending on the category, runs about 20%. Since most consultants have developed an industry specific expertise, ERA seeks consultants who are willing to share their expertise on a joint venture basis with other members of the group.

• ERA reduces client risk by accepting all of the upfront risk; i.e. if the franchisee generates savings then the franchisee keeps 50% of the savings for the next 24 months. If there are no savings generated then the client owes nothing.

• Multiple revenue streams;
o Acquire a client and Joint Venture the analytics to another consultant.
o Acquire a client and do the analytics/project management yourself.

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