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  • Listing# : F000018
  • Liquid Capital : $70,000
  • Type of Business : Leather & ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :

Automotive; Upholstery/Fabrics; Repair

About Us :

We specialize in the restoration of leather and plastics, servicing five major markets: Aviation, Marine & Recreational Vehicles, Automotive, Commercial and Residential Furniture. We are a low cost home-based mobile service franchise, catering to both B to B and B to C sectors in the above mentioned markets.

Key Business Features :

• Home based, Monday – Friday, mobile business - 85% of all work is done in the field.
• Multiple Revenue Streams
• Few or no employees to start
• Low overhead – high profit margins
• Global leader in the environmental movement, by preventing thousands of tons of leather and plastics from entering our landfills.

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