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Roni Deutch

  • Listing# : F000024
  • Liquid Capital : $50,000
  • Type of Business : Tax ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

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About Us :

The tax preparation industry is booming and for the past several years has grown. There will alway be a need for tax return preparation because there are alway going to be taxes and people needing help to file their returns. This is a recession resistant business and our strong brand and system can help you run a profitable tax preparation business.

Key Business Features :

Recession Resistant: Unlike other industries, the tax return preparation industry is recession reistant. Regardless of the weather, the economy, or the price of gas, each year Americans must file a tax return. 9 Billion Dollar Industry: Billions are spent each year by individuals on being compliant with filing tax returns. Booming Industry: The tax industry is growing at an unprecendented rate. In 2006, over 134 million individual income tax returns were prepared and filed with the IRS. This number grows by the millions each year. Increased Demand: Each year more people are turning to tax professionals. In the year 2000, the IRS reported that 56% of personal tax returns filed were professionally prepared. This is a 6% jump in less than a decade. Highly Fragmented: Tax franchises have combined market share of approximately 30%, indicating that their vast opportunity for retail growth.

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