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Lisa Almehsen

  • Listing# : F000025
  • Liquid Capital : $64,800
  • Type of Business : Residential ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $215,000

Business Type :


About Us :

We are one of the world’s most recognized residential cleaning services. It offers carpet cleaning services as well. The owner is responsible for the executive level management of this highly scalable business. Employees clean the homes. This lifestyle business operates Monday – Friday, 8 to 5. Today’s busy families, young professionals and active seniors are on the go and need assistance with their housework. Residential cleaning is a $10 billion market.

During its 27 year history we have offered a solid business and system model, recognized brand name, and superior owner support. The multi-brand parent organization, provides unique economies of scale and marketing opportunities for our franchise owners. There are no company stores, but has a home office staff of over 50 professionals to support franchise partners.

The Franchise enjoys a strong, consistent validation message. Franchise owners will tell candidates they enjoy the M-F daylight hours, steady repeat customers, support from the home office, cash nature of the business and the ability to accurately predict and maintain sales due to stability of model, brand, and industry. Franchise owners will caution against launching a business under-funded and will encourage candidates to fully consider their abilities to manage an entry lever work force.

The business is a route based business so franchisees serve a relatively large population through a single location. What is traditionally considered multi-unit ownership is achieved more easily through the businesses systems through additional routes in a single territory, not additional, expensive real estate. Owners will need 700 to 1000 sq ft of light industrial commercial space with no special build-out or leasehold improvements to start their business.

Key Business Features :

The three keys of franchisee’s success are marketing the business, leading the employees, and overseeing operations. This is a cash-based business with the majority of the business being repeat customers and referrals. The businesses system is marketing-driven, so strong selling is NOT required.

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