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  • Listing# : F000060
  • Liquid Capital : $65,000
  • Type of Business : Transmission, ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :

Automotive; Repair

About Us :

• AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care is the recognized leader in the transmission business for 50 years. With about 875 operating facilities in North America, we enjoy # 1 status in the transmission niche of the automotive aftermarket with no clear cut competition. A little over five years ago we expanded our service offerings to include TOTAL CAR CARE. This move clearly made us a key contender in the $200 billion general automotive repair aftermarket. Since our total car care inception, that portion of the business has been growing by double digit numbers each year in the last 5 years.

• Given AAMCO’s strong brand recognition, and robust customer loyalty, it was only logical that since customers trust us with the most complex part of their car repair, they would trust us to service every aspect of their car repairs. No other car service provider in the US can match AAMCO’s full car service, as there is no other national transmission specialist existing. In addition, no competitor can provide or come close to AAMCO’s national repair warranty to their customers

• As the number of cars in the US is rising and the average age of cars in the US is rising, the number of places to go for repairs is shrinking as US car dealers have been closing service bays at an advanced rate over the last 8 years. With these trends expected to continue, AAMCO is poised to take advantage of growth in our core competency in transmission repairs while we also grow our customer base and increase revenue with our general automotive service offerings.

Some key points that confirm the continued growth of the automotive aftermarket (per the Lang report issued by the AAIA):
o The market will continue to grow by $5 Billion per year
o The number of cars has increased from 256 million light vehicles in 2010 to 267 million light vehicles in 2012
o The average age of cars continues to increase from 9.9 years in 2008, 10.1 in 2010, to 10.4 years in 2012
o The number of bays in the US has dropped by over 50,000 between 1999 and 2009, resulting in an average of 216 cars per bay per year in 2010, and expected to climb to 226 cars per bay in 2012. The average AAMCO center has 6 bays

Key Business Features :

• Given the above mentioned car ownership data, this franchise is truly a very strong recession resistant industry, and poised to continue growing its total care portion, as incremental sales to its stable transmission business.
• The total car care portion currently represents on average 25% of the total business and growing by over 20% per year.
• The AAMCO model is a 5 and ½ day work week making for a great work/life balance.
• In addition to offering a comprehensive 3 week owner’s training school at our Franchise Support Center, AAMCO offers a 5 week Grand Opening development program where we put a seasoned AAMCO employee in the new AAMCO center for on the job training and business development startup.
• Decline in like competitors
• Benefits of the AAMCO concept
o Low inventory levels
o Growing consumer demand
o Few employees to supervise
o Excellent training
o Strong support system
o Recruiting support

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