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  • Listing# : F000061
  • Liquid Capital : $90,000
  • Type of Business : Complete Car ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :

Automotive; Repair

About Us :

Auto-Lab franchises are full service, complete car centers and service all domestic and most foreign models.

Key Business Features :

• Provides extensive Start-Up support: site selection, layout assistance, training, equipment discounts, financing assistance (SBA), staff recruiting support, etc. • Provides extensive Operations Support: supplier discounts, ALBMS business management system, work flow analysis, technical support, peer group support, etc. • Provides End Customer Sales Support: leveraged advertising, 800 number, web site, Fleet Account Support, Human Resource Programs, etc. • Auto-Lab has been successful in assisting the resale of franchises. • Auto-Lab presents a low cost of entry and support for the franchisee. • Auto-Lab has a high franchise retention rate. • Auto-Lab provides quick approvals. • Master Franchises, Individual Franchises, Conversion Programs and Multi-Unit Programs available. • Nationwide availability.

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