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  • Listing# : F000008
  • Liquid Capital : $60,000
  • Type of Business : Dry-Cleaning ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $0

Business Type :


About Us :

A top-rated professional pick-up and delivery dry clean service. A business where no is selling required, builds equity quickly, increasing demand for dry cleaning services, repeat clientele, strong support from a proven 25 year-old franchisor, low cost. This business is in the dry cleaning industry which is a $10 billion a year industry. Combine this with a service for busy consumers and we have the winning ticket! <div style=\"display:none\">my wife cheated now what do i do <a href=\"\">go</a> how to cheat on your wife</div><div style=\"display:none\">reasons wives cheat on their husbands <a href=\"\">go</a> wifes who cheat</div>

Key Business Features :

We offer convenient dry cleaning and laundry pick-up & delivery service to busy people at their home or office. The business stategy builds upon acquiring repeat customers & providing consistent high quality service with the convenience of prompt, dependable, \'at-your-door\' service. Most customers receive regularly scheduled bi-weekly service. This concept allows you to enter the industry with all it\'s stability & profits for 1/10th as much as it would cost to open a full-service dry cleaner, with a delivery service instead of location-based business. The actual dry cleaning is subbed out, although not apparent to your customers. Customers get door-to door service and exceptional quality at the same price they pay at the local dry cleaning store. The dry cleaner gets increased volume with none of the \'front\' costs of advertising or added employees AND you build a thriving business, based on the \'mark\'. A win-win for all involved. Our van is sharp & professional with a name easy to remember. Built in marketing from the van.<div style=\"display:none\">just found out my husband cheated on me <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">open</a> i cheated on my husband stories</div><div style=\"display:none\">why do wife cheat on husband <a href=\"\">all women cheat</a> wife cheated on me</div><div style=\"display:none\">indian sex stories com <a href=\"\">free sex stories with pictures</a> forced sex change stories</div>

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