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USA Insulation

  • Listing# : F000092
  • Liquid Capital : $50,000
  • Type of Business : Energy ...
  • Minimum Investment $0
  • Maximum Investment : $175,000

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About Us :

• Our company uses our own proprietary, green and safe product to insulation existing homes (the retrofit market).
• Our products have been developed specifically for the retrofit market over 30 years of successful operation.
• Complete home insulation provides the consumer a dramatically more comfortable home (warmer, cooler, even temperature throughout, quieter) and reduces annual operating costs between 30% and 50% significantly reducing their personal carbon footprint.

Key Business Features :

• Our proprietary insulation product is superior to any other product on the market. It's specifically designed for the retrofit environment and is the only product with all the attributes necessary to add consumer value (great insulation, complete installation, no toxic chemicals, will not degrade, etc.)
• Competitors use products designed for new construction (that do not work well in a retrofit environment) or antiquated technology.
• All work is performed from the outside and completed in one day except for extremely large structures.
• Technically, our product is the best insulation for commercial structures although our business model targets residential homes.
• The target customer owns a home built prior to 1980, valued at $150k+. However we often service homes built after 1980 that have comfort and energy cost issues.
• We have been successfully operating since 1983 as a family owned business.
• We began offering franchises in 2008 and has 16 operations today.
• The company’s history demonstrates that the business model is not dependent upon government stimulus offerings and is scaleable over time.

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