10 Small Business Ideas for Corporate Executives

Many executives are more than happy to spend their careers in the corporate world. But if you’ve always dreamed of running your own company, year after year in a corner office could leave you feeling restless. Now that you have the skills and capital to make your dream a reality, it’s time to start thinking of small business ideas. You’ll want a business that leverages your professional skills and personal strengths. As a successful executive, that usually means looking at small business ideas in the financial and business services sector — like a Murphy Business Broker franchise. Small Business Idea #1: A Business Brokerage Franchise At Murphy, we believe that a business brokerage franchise is easily one of the best small business ideas for corporate executives. Few other small business ideas offer the possibilities and freedom enjoyed by business brokers. If you have the requisite skills and ambition, becoming a… Read more »

How to Find the Right Brokerage Business for Sale

If you’re an aspiring broker, there are a few different ways to get started. Many brokers choose to work independently, while others prefer the proven blueprint of a business brokerage franchise. In either case, it can take 2 to 3 years before you’re well established in your local market. That’s why some aspiring brokers prefer to buy an existing brokerage business for sale. By purchasing an established brokerage business, you can fast-track your entry into the brokerage industry. What’s more, the infrastructure and relationships you need will already be in place. If you’re looking to become a broker by purchasing an existing brokerage business, here are a few points you’ll want to consider first. Choosing the Right Brokerage Opportunity There are many different types of brokerage businesses. So before you decide to buy a brokerage business for sale, you should think about which brokerage sectors best fit your skills and… Read more »

What’s the Best Franchise to Own?

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, you’re probably wondering which franchise is the best to own. Finding the best franchise to own isn’t always easy. It doesn’t matter how many times you read the Entrepreneur Franchise 500. Nor does it matter how many hours you spend Googling terms like “best franchise to own,” “best franchise to buy,” or “top franchise opportunities.” That’s because someone else’s perfect franchise could prove a bad fit for your goals, your skills, and your situation. If you’re going to find your best franchise to own, you’ll need to think about what you’re looking for from a franchise. That means asking yourself some tough questions… How to Find Your Best Franchise to Own What are my core goals for franchise ownership? This is a crucial question for anyone trying to choose their best franchise to own. Yet many entrepreneurs skip this question entirely. Without a… Read more »

Murphy Business Franchise Owner Interview: Mike Metzger

In 2014, Mike Metzger was at a crossroads. After a decorated career in the US Navy, he had leveraged his skillset in leadership and process improvement to a six-figure, VP position at a Fortune 250 company. But after 15+ years in the corporate sector, Mike wanted the chance to run his own business. That led Mike to purchase a Murphy Business franchise, opening his office in December 2014. Mike’s decision meant giving up his corporate career and putting in the time to build his new business. But Mike was confident he’d made the right decision for two reasons. He knew that the business brokerage industry had massive potential for growth. And he knew that the Murphy Business franchise system gave him a tried-and-tested process on which to build his business. “I wanted the chance to use my business and analytical skills, and I wanted to buy into a proven system.… Read more »

The Advantages of Making Your Franchise Home Based

One of the biggest advantages of the Murphy Business franchise opportunity is the chance to make your franchise home based. While other franchise offerings require a physical office or storefront, a Murphy franchise can be easily run from home or from a virtual office. If you’re purchasing a Murphy Business franchise, a home based operation could save you significant time, money, and stress. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why so many Murphy Business Brokers choose to work from home. After that, we’ll explore how you can make the most of a home based franchise. The Benefits of a Home Based Franchise There are several benefits to making your Murphy Business franchise home based. Want to keep overhead to a minimum? Waste less time in traffic every day? Balance your personal and professional life? Running your franchise from home can help in all three of these areas. Here’s how…… Read more »