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This blog section provides insight into why franchising with Murphy Business is a great business decision.

The Distinctive Rewards of Opening a Murphy Business Franchise

Making the decision to open a Murphy Business franchise is the start to a remarkable, life-changing journey. You will be setting sail with one of America’s most respected and widely recognized business brokerage firms. When you open a Murphy Business franchise, you become the captain of your ship, with the freedom to steer your future toward unlimited potential for success. We’ve charted the waters to help you navigate your way to a smooth start. Just follow our well-marked map and your journey will lead you to the independence and financial rewards of your dreams. Here are just a few of the many benefits waiting for you… You will be providing a sought-after service. Recent estimates show that retiring boomer business owners will be selling or bequeathing more than 12 million privately held business with assets totaling $10 trillion, during the next two decades.* Prospective business buyers and sellers will seek… Read more »