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This blog section provides insight into the home based franchise opportunities provided by Murphy Business.

5 Advantages of a Home Based Franchise Business

Over the past decade, home based businesses have become more common than ever. This has coincided with the continued rise of franchising. Unsurprisingly, there’s been a lot of overlap between these two trends. In fact, many of the hottest sectors in franchising are those that encourage home based franchise business models. But is a home based franchise really worth it? Or is it better to invest in a traditional franchise with a dedicated location? With the surging popularity of home based franchises, it seems like there’s a lot of value in this type of franchising. So let’s examine 5 of the biggest advantages that a home based franchise has to offer. Why Choose a Home Based Franchise? 1. Lower Costs By choosing a home based franchise, you can start a franchise business at a much lower initial investment. If you start a franchise that requires a physical location, this will… Read more »

What Makes Us the Best Home-Based Franchise?

Imagine yourself as the owner of one of the best home-based franchise businesses in America. You wake up each morning knowing that the day is what you make it. You have the knowledge and the support you need to achieve your full potential for success. And you are making good money doing it, all from the comfort of home. You are imagining what Murphy Business franchise owners say is the best home-based franchise in America. And it’s true. We are the leading business broker franchise in the nation. We’ve made dreams come true for thousands of professionals – people with an entrepreneurial spirit just like you. Reasons Why We’re the Best Home-Based Franchise What makes us – or any franchise you may be considering – the best? How do you decide which one is right for you? What makes one franchise the most sensible choice? Start by ensuring the franchise… Read more »