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Check out our low cost franchise opportunities from Murphy Business Franchise.

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities for Business Brokers

As a franchise opportunity, Murphy Business sits at a unique intersection. On the one hand, we offer entry to a lucrative and growing industry. On the other hand, we’re one of the premier low cost franchise opportunities for executive-class professionals. Few other franchise opportunities can boast the earnings potential of a Murphy Business franchise, while also offering such an affordable entry point. Compare Murphy Business to other low cost franchise opportunities currently on the market. Many of these franchise opportunities are in sectors like home improvement, janitorial services, or personal training. While they don’t cost much to purchase, these opportunities are heavy on physical labor and relatively low on profit potential. A Murphy Business franchise comes at a comparable initial investment, yet our low cost franchise opportunities have much more to offer for business-minded professionals. As a business broker, you’ll be putting your skillset to full use, drawing on your… Read more »