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This blog section provides insight into why a Murphy Business franchise may be your best business option.

Murphy Business Franchise Owner Interview: Mike Metzger

In 2014, Mike Metzger was at a crossroads. After a decorated career in the US Navy, he had leveraged his skillset in leadership and process improvement to a six-figure, VP position at a Fortune 250 company. But after 15+ years in the corporate sector, Mike wanted the chance to run his own business. That led Mike to purchase a Murphy Business franchise, opening his office in December 2014. Mike’s decision meant giving up his corporate career and putting in the time to build his new business. But Mike was confident he’d made the right decision for two reasons. He knew that the business brokerage industry had massive potential for growth. And he knew that the Murphy Business franchise system gave him a tried-and-tested process on which to build his business. “I wanted the chance to use my business and analytical skills, and I wanted to buy into a proven system.… Read more »

Who is the Ideal Candidate to Own a Business Brokerage?

If it has ever crossed your mind to own a business brokerage, you may now be wondering if it makes good sense for you. Completely aside from the fact that Murphy Business provides all the tools you need to start off right, you want to know if owning a business brokerage fits your personality, your aspirations, and your lifestyle. Of course, from our perspective as a successful franchisor, the easy answer is yes to all three! Many people have discovered that a Murphy business brokerage is the perfect fit for them. But interestingly, they do share a few common traits that make them ideal candidates to own a business brokerage. Would you make an ideal candidate? What are your chances of being successful and happy when you own a business brokerage? Your chances are excellent if you have the following three traits: 1) You Know Business Since you will be… Read more »

What is a Business Broker Franchise?

You are probably somewhat familiar with what a business broker does. But what is a business broker franchise? Can’t you become a business broker on your own? What advantage would you have by investing your entrepreneurial spirit in a business broker franchise? At Murphy Business, we understand you have many questions. We’re happy to answer them as you consider your purchase. A Franchise is a Sensible Starting Point for Success Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or have never owned a business in your life, you’re smart to consider opening a business broker franchise. Rather than starting from scratch with all of the hassles that entails – including developing a business plan, naming your business, renting office space, initiating a marketing campaign, and hiring staff — it makes sense to let someone else lay all that groundwork. And that’s exactly what a franchise operation is designed to do for you.… Read more »

What Makes Us the Best Home-Based Franchise?

Imagine yourself as the owner of one of the best home-based franchise businesses in America. You wake up each morning knowing that the day is what you make it. You have the knowledge and the support you need to achieve your full potential for success. And you are making good money doing it, all from the comfort of home. You are imagining what Murphy Business franchise owners say is the best home-based franchise in America. And it’s true. We are the leading business broker franchise in the nation. We’ve made dreams come true for thousands of professionals – people with an entrepreneurial spirit just like you. Reasons Why We’re the Best Home-Based Franchise What makes us – or any franchise you may be considering – the best? How do you decide which one is right for you? What makes one franchise the most sensible choice? Start by ensuring the franchise… Read more »