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This blog section provides insight into how you can own a business brokerage through Murphy Business.

Who is the Ideal Candidate to Own a Business Brokerage?

If it has ever crossed your mind to own a business brokerage, you may now be wondering if it makes good sense for you. Completely aside from the fact that Murphy Business provides all the tools you need to start off right, you want to know if owning a business brokerage fits your personality, your aspirations, and your lifestyle. Of course, from our perspective as a successful franchisor, the easy answer is yes to all three! Many people have discovered that a Murphy business brokerage is the perfect fit for them. But interestingly, they do share a few common traits that make them ideal candidates to own a business brokerage. Would you make an ideal candidate? What are your chances of being successful and happy when you own a business brokerage? Your chances are excellent if you have the following three traits: 1) You Know Business Since you will be… Read more »