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This blog section provides insight into why owning a franchise business from Murphy Business is a great opportunity.

5 Perks of Owning a Franchise Business with Murphy Business

Interested in owning a franchise business? Unsure which type of franchise will be the best fit? It’s a common scenario for prospective entrepreneurs. You know that you have the ambition, drive, and skills to own a franchise business. You know that you want to be your own boss and shape your own destiny. But you’re not sure which path to take to reach that goal. One type of franchise opportunity you might not have considered is a business brokerage agency. Professionals with a background in business ownership or management are often the perfect fit for owning a franchise in the business transfer industry, which is a market with significant potential. If you think that you’d be a great fit for a owning a business brokerage franchise, we believe you’ll find the perfect opportunity with Murphy Business. We offer a number of perks and benefits that other franchise opportunities simply do… Read more »

Why Owning a Franchise Business is Better Than Going it Alone

Owning a business has its challenges and rewards. When comparing opening a business on your own or joining a franchise brand, it’s easy to see the benefits of owning a franchise business. While there are pros and cons to owning a franchise business, the odds of success are most certainly in your favor compared to starting a business from scratch. Here, we give you a realistic perspective on the benefits of being a franchise owner. We’ll also look at how choosing to become a part of the Murphy franchise group could be the answer to your dreams. Owning a Franchise Business is Often a Less Costly Startup Option It takes a lot of money to get a new business off the ground. The expenses pile up fast. Taking a business from “square one” to up-and-running means investing a lot of money into the venture all at once. Common startup expenses… Read more »