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This blog section provides insight into why opening a business broker franchise is a great business decision.

Murphy Business Broker Franchise Interview: Frank Chebalo

Frank Chebalo has been the owner of a Murphy Business Broker franchise since 2016. But his experience in business brokerage goes back more than a decade. After a successful career in broadcast engineering and management, Frank left a VP position with the New York Times Broadcast Media Group in 2007, joining a successful business brokerage firm in southern Virginia. Four years later, Frank opened his own brokerage business, operating independently out of Virginia Beach. As his business grew, Frank found himself with a growing list of clients and staff. While this was great news for his bottom line, he started to wish that he had the resources of a larger brokerage network. That led Frank to transition his office from an independent firm to a Murphy Business broker franchise. “Having been in the business for nearly a decade, I was familiar with Murphy and its leadership group, so I immediately… Read more »

Business Broker Franchise Tips: Getting Your First Clients

At Murphy Business, one of the first questions we get about our franchise opportunity is how a business broker franchise can attract its first clients. It’s a question we’re happy to answer. While independent business brokers often struggle to develop a client base in the early going, things are different with a Murphy Business franchise. We give our franchisees the tools and training they need to both generate qualified leads and convert those leads into clients, even as you’re just getting started. If you’re thinking of purchasing a business broker franchise, it’s worth taking a closer look at how Murphy Business Brokers land their first clients. Below, we’ll examine the blueprint that franchisees use to attract their first clients and build their brokerage business. Lead Generation for Your Business Broker Franchise Ask almost any independent business broker, and they’ll tell you that generating leads is one of the toughest aspects… Read more »

What is a Business Broker Franchise?

You are probably somewhat familiar with what a business broker does. But what is a business broker franchise? Can’t you become a business broker on your own? What advantage would you have by investing your entrepreneurial spirit in a business broker franchise? At Murphy Business, we understand you have many questions. We’re happy to answer them as you consider your purchase. A Franchise is a Sensible Starting Point for Success Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or have never owned a business in your life, you’re smart to consider opening a business broker franchise. Rather than starting from scratch with all of the hassles that entails – including developing a business plan, naming your business, renting office space, initiating a marketing campaign, and hiring staff — it makes sense to let someone else lay all that groundwork. And that’s exactly what a franchise operation is designed to do for you.… Read more »